The Leap into Wellness Youth Mental Health Summit is a “Free to the Public” gathering and mobilization of Milwaukee’s available, established, and developing resources and means of support for young people affected by mental health issues. It will bring together area therapists, psychologists, clinicians, and other mental health care experts and professionals to address a wide variety of factors which affect the mental health of youth including integrative medicine, behavioral services, massage therapy, Healing and Care, faith-based resources, and critically-needed available public resources.

  • Mental health is a critical part of our children's overall health and well-being.
  • Six million kids in the US between 3 and 17 years old suffer from ADHD, anxiety, and depression.
  • Along with partners the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the city of Milwaukee - Office of Violence Prevention, the Marcus Corporation, Educators Credit Union, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and other concerned community partners, Pro Football Hall of Famer LeRoy Butler will host the first ever “Leap into Wellness” Youth Mental Health Summit.
  • The Summit is specifically designed to address mental health issues in teens from 13 to 17.
  • The Summit will bring together mental health professionals, advocates, and resources from across the state to create, discuss, and launch a plan of action to provide resources for kids who need them now – things like 24-hour access to professionals and specialists, tele-health services, cell phone apps, and immediate, regular walk-in clinics seven days a week.
  • This kind of immediate access to mental health resources, clinicians, doctors, psychologists, and community partners will create direct access to available resources and establish a stable, reliable network of medical and healthcare professionals.
  • LeRoy Butler is spearheading this effort and seeking partners with linked missions to positively impact Wisconsin’s young people.
  • In Wisconsin, depression and anxiety are increasing in adolescents at alarming rates and substance abuse and suicide are the most critical concerns.

The Leap into Wellness summit is strategically designed to accomplish several purposes.

  1. Provide a free, public event readily accessible to youth and families.
  2. Convene the healthcare community’s leading experts and specialists in one place at one time giving Milwaukee youth and families personal, face-to-face access.
  3. Jump start an ongoing initiative to engage and intervene significantly with youth through the establishment of a network of providers and professionals.
  4. Kick off an initiative giving youth access to immediate help through:
    • Development and launch of an APP (in development)
    • Establishment of an office with regular daily/weekly scheduling
    • Weekly check-ins via program development (i.e., Wellness Wednesday, etc.)
    • QR Code access

Looking for more information?

Contact: Billy Young at (414) 614-3109 or email at billyyref@aol.com

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