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From Lombardi to the Leap: A Hall of Fame Gift of Giving in 2024!

Short on Inspiration? Need a Boost? Seeking Energy and Direction? Lacking Motivation? Time to Rejuvenate? Ready to Act?
As a team leader, social influencer, educational and business professional, or concerned constituent, a rare opportunity to positively impact and move your organization forward is within your immediate reach. As he does annually, but with increased conviction and resource in the new year, Pro Football Hall of Famer, Green Bay Packer Super Bowl Champion, and one of Wisconsin's most treasured favorite sons, LeRoy Butler is available for limited speaking engagements in 2024.
LeRoy speaks often, easily, and articulately to youth, civic leaders, corporate executives, college students, and management teams throughout the country. It is not uncommon for him to traverse multiple states or cities on the same day. His ability to engage and relate to CEOs and struggling teens alike is the very quality which generates such an immersive experience for those who have the privilege of hearing LeRoy in person. It is what endures him to captive audiences everywhere.
Even as he is planning to complete a documentary film on his life story by June 2025, more and more people are finding out about LeRoy's inspirational journey of overcoming adversity, bullying, and tremendous physical odds to leap into the Hall of Fame. Instrumental in driving home ideals affirmed as an All-American at Florida State University and in his championship years with the Packers, the values of effort, team work, dedication, compassion, and endurance are the substance of his constant message of encouragement to all he encounters. Poignant anecdotes about his mom and family life abound with powerful meaning when captured though his storytelling at conferences, in classrooms, executive offices, and an occasional coffee shop. 
Would a personal and intimate glimpse into the life and legend of a downtrodden, handicapped, bullied, underachiever, destined to be another American statistic, who rose to the highest levels of athletic achievement and recognition interest you and your team? Hear LeRoy tell you why he decided to make Wisconsin his home upon retirement over 20 years ago. His story is far beyond compelling - it is moving, living proof of just how much relationships matter - with God and with people. 
Move your mountain. Take the leap.
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